Product Care

Our pieces are conceived for daily life, so that they can be used often and without particular care. However, if you care about the planet like we do, it’s essential to increase the lifespan of products. A piece’s sustainability is not only in its materials and manufacturing process, but also in the use you give to it. Like so, we provide a few suggestions that may help preserve the pieces by Karaka, as well as any other fabric item.

Wash the items as few times as possible

No, we are not incentivising lack of hygiene, but rather asking you to rethink the number of times you wash your home textiles and clothing. Every time you wash something, besides the amount of water and electricity that is used (if you use a washing machine), the fibres and stamping are altered, which diminishes the product’s lifespan.

Washing recommendations

Manual stamping pieces are suitable for machine wash, along with other pieces, as a way to save water. Always choose a neutral ecological detergent and never go over 30ºC (86º F). Linen items should be washed using cold water as a way to maintain their original size. Let the items air dry, if clothing items in a flat horizontal surface, or stretched and hanged if home textiles.

Changes with the passing of time

With time and number of washes, the stamping may fade a bit, but we think that it is part of their beauty and personality. Fabrics themselves will alter slightly, becoming softer and looser. In case of fabrics that have been dyed, particularly with natural dyes, we strongly advise avoiding sunlight because it will affect the colours.

If you have any doubt regarding the care of your item please contact [email protected]